Dentures and Implants


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There are now more options to replace missing teeth and one that’s most popular is dental implants. Dental implants are usually made of titanium and are surgically placed by a dentist. These screw-like parts are placed into the jawbone and are meant to imitate the root of the tooth. Once the site has healed Dr Burgess then fixes a crown, replicating a natural looking tooth.

Dr Burgess is able to perform the entire Dental Implant surgery right here in our Mittagong Dental Clinic.

We provide a number of solutions to replace missing teeth including multiple dental tooth implants and implant supported dentures.

There are several factors that will determine the length of time needed for an implant procedure;

  • Your dental health
  • The number of teeth involved
  • Which teeth are replaced
  • If there will be a tooth extracted prior to implant placement.

These factors will also determine the total number of visits to the dentist throughout the treatment period.

Dental Crown — Dental Care in Mittagong, NSW
Dental Crown Presentation — Dental Care in Mittagong, NSW

Sporting Mouth Guards

Custom fitted sports mouthguards available in 7-10 days. Covered by most health funds. Should be replaced every year due to wear and jaw/tooth development.

To find out more call our office on 0449 262 768 to schedule a consultation.

Mouthguards — Dental Care in Mittagong, NSW
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