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Wisdom Teeth

Dr Burgess performs surgical removal of these teeth in the clinic chair. The final teeth to erupt are your wisdom teeth or third molars, they are usually a less than welcome addition to your mouth. The pain associated with the eruption of the third molars and subsequent problems related to those left unattended is, for many, one of life’s worst dental experiences.

Much has changed in recent years and wisdom teeth removal is no longer the multiple day, painful dreaded experience it once was. The procedure is very common at our dental clinic, and should be scheduled at the first moment of discomfort to avoid further issues and complications. Dr Burgess will remove your wisdom teeth if they are:

  • Decayed
  • Cause pain
  • Or if they are impacted

There are some instances, like in the case of nerve involvement or associated pathology like cysts, where you’ll need to be referred to a specialist.

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