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Sedation Dentistry / Dental Anxiety

Sedation Dentistry enables even the most fearful patient to experience all the benefits that modern day dentistry has to offer, without the anxiety and fear normally felt during a visit to the dentist.

Highly anxious patients, claustrophobics, extreme gaggers, those with an acute fear of the dentist’s chair, and patients undergoing longer procedures can all benefit from sedation dentistry, and for many it is the only method of completing care. With a proven record of success, sedation dentistry allows patients who feel desperate to be dentally healthy again, to no longer put off treatments because of fear and anxiety.

Oral sedation  – such as valium can be prescribed before treatment;

Our caring team understands that it’s our job to work alongside you to find a solution to dental fear, while also making our office a safe, comfortable environment for you to receive care without unnecessary stress. Always express the level of your anxiety so we can work with you ensuring the highest quality of care at a stress free level.

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